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Flat Back 4 Training Belt for Soccer Flat Back 4 Belt Pro
Soccer Flat Back 4 Belt
Our Price: $139.99

Flat Back Four Belt - Defensive Shape Training

Teach your team to play defense like the pro's.

  • The Flat Back 4 Defensive Shape Belt keeps all players together, never allowing too large of a gap for through balls.
  • Attach 2-10 players to teach your team how to stay compact and move together on the field. (4 Belts included in this set for 4 players.)
  • Add additional belts to connect your midfield to your defense so they to move with your midfield up and down the field
  • Forces players to keep their defensive shape and work as a unit.
  • Heavy Duty Webbing for durability and weather resistant.
  • Also works with a 3 man defensive and sweeper.
  • 10 yard distance between belts.

Flat Back 4 Belt - Pro with Bungee Strength Training

The Flat Back 4 Belt Pro is the latest upgrade to the Flat Back 4 Belt. The Pro is enhanced with bungee to help remove clack that is created when defenders must squeeze together in formation. With 4 waist belts and 3 bungee bands, this product doubles as a resistance strength training set, an "over speed" training set and a GK resistance Band Set.

Connect and disconnect bands and harnesses quickly with quick release clips. Clips attach to a metal D ring in the back of the belt.