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Soccer Passing Gates and Hurdles
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Indoor/outdoor Passing Arc and Passing Gate Passing Arc Set Soccer Training Equipment Round Passing Arc Set of 5 with Bag
Soccer Passing Arc Set
Our Price: $79.99
Indoor/Outdoor Passing Arc/Gate. Includes removable spike and turf feet.

Sold Individually.

Soccer Passing Arc Set

Passing Arc Set of 5 with carry bag. Soccer passing aid for players and teams.
Passing and moving is a vital key to a teams success. Having the vision to see a great through ball is one thing, actually executing the pass is a skill in itself.

Using Passing Arcs help will help your team execute precise and perfectly weighted balls between players in all positions from the GK to the Strikers and back. Too often players struggle keeping the ball on the floor.
  • Set of 5 Passing Arcs
  • FREE Carry Bag
  • Can be used as Hurdles
  • Spikes to hold in any grass surface
  • Improve Passing Accuracy & Technique
  • Improve 1-Touch Accuracy and Soft Touch
  • Forces players to keep the ball on the ground
  • Add some fun games to your sessions as shown in the YouTube Video below!