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The ORIGINAL & AWARD WINNING Soccer Wall Free-kick Mannequins.

To play soccer, you really only need a ball. To play soccer well, it helps to have more. Free-kick wall dummies come in a variety of sizes and can be utilized by all soccer players, from kids who just joined a league to adults who have been playing for life. These football mannequins are ideal for helping players practice their dribbling and passing and are also useful for shooting and running drills.

Soccer Innovations is the proud original creator of the award-winning Soccer Wall free-kick mannequins! Here, you can choose from a variety of models including the Soccer Wall Mini, Youth, Club and Pro. To help you make the most of your free-kick training equipment, we’ve also got a mannequin trolley, a blow-up dummy, a wall mannequin carry bag and so much more. Browse our complete selection now to find and order the perfect soccer training wall and mannequin accessories for you!

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Children's Soccer Mannequin Bunny & Friends Peter The Soccer Bunny
Our Price: $34.99
Deal of the Day Price: $9.99
Smart Goal Soccer Goal Goal Net 3x6
Our Price: $32.99
Soccer Free Kick, Tactical and GK Mannequins